Evonex Platform Updates

Evonex has been at the leading edge of internet telephony for more than a decade, specialising in robust, reliable hosted services packed full of the latest features.

At the end of May we released version 1.0.8 of Evonex Connect, for all platforms. This release mainly focuses on unifying the codebase across all environments, bringing the features of v1.0.7 to Android. We’ve also introduced a couple of new features, a selection of enhancements and some important bug fixes, all listed below.

In the last week we released version 1.0.10 of Evonex Connect for iOS only. This, in conjunction with corresponding back-end fixes, has greatly improved the reliability of the iOS app. However, we’re not finished with iOS reliability updates – there will be more app and back-end fixes coming soon.

Also in this update is news of support for more Yealink DECT products, more details below.

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Evonex Connect v1.0.8 release notes:

New Features

[Company Admin] Add ‘Last answered plus one’ call forwarding pattern:

[All] Settings area split into sub sections.

[All] Prevent display of ‘shared’ contacts marked as ‘hidden’ in main portal.

[All] Prevent display of ‘account’ contacts marked as ‘hidden’ in main portal.


[All] Disable all inappropriate call control buttons when a call is active.

[All] Improved configurable logging for support purposes.

[Web/Desktop] Mouse pointer changes when over burger menu.

[All] Dialpad extra features state is remembered between sessions.

[All] Faster update of call history list on call completion.

[iOS] Automate link from iOS app notification settings to Evonex Connect.



[iOS/Android] CLI presentation number remembered when app is brought to foreground.

[All] Prevent ‘ghost calls’ when double-clicking park bays.

[All] Prevent double clicking on all buttons that trigger calls.

[All] Apply same voicemail playback volume on list and details screens.

[Android] Prevent app crash when playing voicemails multiple times.

[Android] Confused selection of speaker/earpiece during attended transfers.

Recent Portal & Platform Releases


[Reseller Admin] Allow Product Charges to be hidden on a Reseller account.

[Reseller Admin] Remove old ordering process & Beta labels.

As communicated in March 2024, the original ordering process has now been retired. Therefore, the only way to place new and follow-on orders is via the new ordering process which has been available since September 2023. More details below.

[Reseller Admin] Ability to Hide “My Links” in portal for reseller and sub-resellers.

If you wish the “My Links” menu item in portal to be hidden for your reseller or your sub-resellers, please let our support team know.

[User] Allow Premium Numbers on both types of Address Book.


[Reseller Admin] Manage approved Presentation CLIs page problems.

[Reseller Admin] Exported customer site addresses incorrect.

[Reseller Admin] Issue adding Hotdesk Guest devices.

[Reseller Admin] Issue creating sub-resellers.

[Company Admin] CR history fixup query timing out as returning too much data.

[Company Admin] New User creation resulted in an error.

New Ordering Process – Help

The new ordering process has been live since September 2023. It’s no-longer a beta product and consequently has been promoted to the only way to place orders for new and existing customers.

For anyone who requires assistance with using the new order journey, you can access the help section by clicking the button at the top right of the portal page. In here you’ll find a video guide,

a step-by-step explanation of the process with handy GIF images, and links to excel and text template files to allow you to populate an external document and simply paste the contents straight into the order page.

If you need further ordering/provisioning assistance, please contact us.

Hidden Contacts – Explained

In a recent Portal update, we added the ability for an Administrator to hide a Shared Address Book contact or Internal Address Book contact (AKA User) with a simple tick box. For a user in portal, this has the affect of hiding the telephone number(s) associated with the contact. In Evonex Connect or a desk phone, this renders the contact hidden or ‘Ex-directory’.

What are the use cases for this? Hiding a User is useful if you have set up several hunt groups on an account and you want to ensure those groups don’t appear in search results in Evonex Connect or via desk phones. Hiding a Shared contact is useful if you have two contacts for a customer – one for inbound calls and one for outbound calls – and you want to ensure the customer is not called on the wrong number. Importantly, in both cases, the contacts are hidden for search results, but they are still able to be used for inbound alpha-tagging.

Support for Yealink W80DM & W90DM multi-cell DECT

Please find attached a guide explaining the extent of support we now offer for Yealink W80DM and W90DM multi-cell DECT units. Essentially, this now means you can order Standard, Lite or Universal Licences against either one of these units and the subscriptions will be auto provisioned to the device. The necessary configuration of additional base-stations and handsets should be completed manually. All the detail you should need is in the guide, any questions, please contact us.


End users love the Evonex platform.  It is great to work with a team 100% committed to supporting their partners and we were delighted to award Evonex with the best hosted system 2018 at the Inaugural NSN Awards Night.

We have been a reseller of the Evonex Hosted Phone Platform (SCG) since 2015. Over the years. we’ve witnessed continuous improvements to the phone functionality, including the addition of valuable features like Team Voice Integration. The feature was crucial in retaining our largest VIP customer. One of the most important aspects of our Partnership with SCG is the exceptional level of support provided. Accessibility to the support team has always been seamless, with prompt responses and the added benefit of direct communication with department heads when necessary. The quality of training offered has been instrumental, making provisioning and customer support remarkably straightforward. These essential factors combined with a receptive market, has enabled our business’ growth, resulting in a quadruple expansion since we joined Evonex. The recent launch of the Evonex Universal Licence further enhances our product range and the service that we are able to offer to our customers. This is especially important to the several IT introducer firms that refer us to many of the new customers that we are able to sign up to the Evonex Hosted Phone Platform

I’ve been using Evonex for a few years now and they easily stand apart from other providers. They’re reliable, approachable and efficient and do everything they can to help their customers.  To me Evonex aren’t  just another service provider, they’re a valued business partner.

The Hosted Voice over IP market is very competitive so we find it’s a huge advantage for us to be working with Evonex, as it allows us to deliver not only truly unique product set, but one that is easy to deploy with a fantastic margin opportunity too!