Lorraine Smyth

Director of SCG Wholesale

I have worked for SCG for 16 years, starting as a Customer Account Manager and moving through Channel Sales before becoming Head of Sales. Since 2007 I have specialised in helping our Channel Partners in achieving their goals with personalised training and support, either in face-to-face meetings, or through the knowledge and help from our Partner Experience Team.

I look forward to working and supporting you through out your SCG journey.

James Moores

Wholesale Business Development Manager

I have been working at SCG Wholesale for 14 months now but have been in the telecoms industry for about 20 years! Started out my career in telecom sales about 20 years ago when I was an internal account manager working for a small ISP called AltoHiway and since then have worked my way up the chain for several other well-known telecom companies doing numerous selling roles both direct and indirect.

Mark Chivers

Head of Wholesale

I have been with SCG for over 7 years, this is the longest I have been with any company for good reason SCG make it easy for me to do my job and achieve my goals, my goals are intrinsically aligned with my Partners achieving their own goals meaning we do a fantastic job of giving you everything they need to be successful.

I help Partners to deliver solutions across multiple product sets, providing key skills to help win business and develop Partners from green to highly confident and competent in our product sets.

Unified Solutions

At SCG, our range of devices will keep you connected on the move. Whether you are looking for a device to support your hosted telephony applications, easy and secure access to cloud applications, email and company data or a GSM failover connection for your office, we have the solution for you, supported by the highest level of customer service and knowledgeable staff.