Join the smart revolution

IoT (Internet of Things)/M2M (Machine to Machine) technology was created to streamline the way data is collected from devices and incorporated into IT systems, without human intervention. It allows control and visibility over things you wish to neither visit nor touch. We provide the IoT Sims and networks necessary to securely connect any device or smart object in any environment. Just install the Sim card and enjoy the benefits of our resilient 4G and 5G connectivity network.

  • Multi-network
  • Flexible
  • Reliable

The best network options

With SCG, you can choose the best network option for your business. You can use a single or multinetwork option to always get the best signal wherever your SIM is.

Flexible solutions

We provide all types of SIMs whether you are looking for plastic or embedded, get the most appropriate one for your current or future applications.

The best plans

Our team will work with you to identify your individual business needs and offer you a bespoke solution specifically adapted to your customer.



Utility providers

CCTV Electric vehicles Metering
Digital signage Dashcam Energy management
Ticketing machines Assets tracking Water monitoring
Car parks Telematics Environment monitoring
Pay meters Drivers behaviour




CCTV Patient monitoring CCTV
Lone worker Assisted living Digital signage
Sensor Medical alarm buttons Fall over/Back up
Alarms Pop up clinics Instore WiFi
APNR Tablets for paramedics Ordering system
Fulfilment system
Payment system

Unified Solutions

Prevention from data leakages and viruses is essential in a world where business critical information is being accessed from a wide range of devices and locations. Whatever you’re transmitting, wherever you’re transmitting from, a security solution from SCG provides the connectivity and security you need to prioritise the important stuff, eliminate the dangerous stuff and safely check the stuff you’re not sure about to protect your intellectual property.