Panasonic Handsets

The Panasonic Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephones have been designed to enhance business communications by reducing call costs, simplifying administration, and improving functionality, take a look at the range

Panasonic KX-HDV Handsets
The innovative KX-HDV series of SIP deskphones brings you exceptional communication performance, faultless reliability.

HDV130- IP Phone 2 SIP Acct, 2 X 10/100, POE
HDV230- IP Phone 6 Sip Acct, 2 X G Ports, POE, 24 BLFs
HDV330- IP Phone 12 SIP Acct, 2 X G Ports, POE, 24 BLFs, Bluetooth

Panasonic DECT range
Panasonic DECT phones are elegantly design with top class sound and features.

TGP500- 2 SIP Acct
TGP600- 6 SIP Acct