Polycom Handsets

Easy to set up, easy to use and optimized to run on over 60 current and emerging IP and UC Cloud platforms with excellent sound quality and propriety technologies.

Polycom IP Handsets
The Polycom IP Phone handsets  deliver superb sound quality as well as a wide range of supported business telephony features

IP 331- 2 feature keys, 102 x 33 pixel-graphical LCD, 3 context-sensitive “soft” keys
IP 335– IP Phone 2 SIP Acct, 102×33 Pixel LCD Display, Full HD Voice Technology
IP 450– IP Phone 3 SIP Acct, 2X 10/100 Ports, Back lit 256×116 Pixel grey scale LCD Display
IP 550– IP Phone 4 SIP Acct, Back lit 320 x 160 pixel graphic grey scale LCD
IP 650- Six lines in stand alone mode, Back lit 320 x 160 pixel colour display for a rich visual experience

Polycom VX series 
The Polycom family of VVX series business media phones offer high-quality audio and video communications experience for busy professionals.

VX201-IP Phone 2 SIP Acct, 2X 10/100 Ports
VVX300, VVX301, VVX310– IP Phone 6 SIP Acct, 2X 10/100 Ports POE, 6 BLFs
VVX400, VVX410G, VVX411G– IP Phone 12 SIP Acct, 2X 10/100 Ports POE, 12 BLFs

Polycom VVX410